5 Best Illinois High Schools for Athletes

These are the 5 Best Public High Schools in Illinois as ranked by both parents and students. Ranking factors include student participation and the number and variety of sports the schools offer and is measured over 509 schools.

5. Libertyville High School, Libertyville – The High School believes that sports have an important role to play in a child’s all-round education. Athletes are provided with every opportunity to participate in their sport of choice, with physical fitness taught every day. The school is dedicated to providing great facilities and experienced coaches to help the students excel.

4. Homewood-Flossmoor High School, Flossmoor – The High School provides opportunities to play a wide range of sports, both for girls and boys, and athletic coaches encourage students to excel, not only at their chosen sport but in the classroom as well. Staff members are dedicated to promoting individual skill, team play, self-esteem, confidence, spirit, loyalty and enjoyment of their chosen sport.

3. Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook – Glenbrook North provides a good variety of sporting activities for both girls and boys. The school is dedicated to providing an education that will stand their students in good stead throughout their lives. The athletic program is an integral part of every student’s education and participation is very much encouraged.

2. Glenbrook South High School, Glenview – While the schools focus is on providing an excellent, all-round education their athletic programs focus not only on playing to the best of the student’s ability but also how to win gracefully and lose with dignity, and that despite working hard it doesn’t always result in a win. The school fosters an atmosphere of team spirit and of building friendships that will last a lifetime.

1. Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire – With 4000 students Stevenson is one of the largest schools in the U.S. The vision and values of the athletic program is to encourage and nurture physical, emotional, mental and social growth of each student while competing to win at their chosen sport. The school offers a wide and varied lineup of sports for both boys and girls.