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Lee Sullivan Hill

Speaker: Lee Sullivan Hill, construction estimator and children's book writer

Location: Clarendon Hills, IL (20 miles west of Chicago)

Availability: Grades K - 8; adults

Fee: $600 for a full day, $300 for one session

Author Visit Topics

Engineering Fun -(grades K-6) Hill guides students through a design-build process using graph paper, pencils, and wooden blocks. Young engineers practice teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and math skills in this hands-on workshop.

Creation of a Picture Book -(grade 1 through adult) Hill demonstrates each step in the creation of a picture book, from its start in a journal, through the many drafts, to a bound book. A question and answer session completes this author visit.

Journal Writing -(grade 3 through adult) Hill shares techniques that foster creativity and develop connections between the mind and the written word. Each student receives a mini-spiral notebook to practice the daily mental workout of journal keeping.

Creative Writing -(grades K through 8) Hill teaches strategies that help students develop ideas, organize stories, and edit work. Kindergarten students brainstorm for ideas. Primary graders find new ways to sequence ideas. Fourth and fifth graders wrestle with active verbs. Middle school students unearth details to enrich their work.

Brief Bio:

Lee Sullivan Hill grew up in Massachusetts with a love of fairy tales, wild woods, poetry and horses, but never imagined becoming a writer. In college she majored in engineering, worked as a land surveyor, and interned at a steel mill. After graduation she pursued a career in construction management. Ms. Hill's first book, Bridges Connect, grew out of her fascination with structures. She has published eighteen books on topics such as towers, dams, libraries, tunnels, and monuments. New books coming out this fall include two picture books on trains and bulldozers. She is also working on a middle grade historical novel set in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, where she resides with her husband, two sons, and two cats.

List of works:

Pull-Ahead Books: Trains --- Due 2002
Pull-Ahead Books: Earthmovers --- Due 2002
Monuments Help Us Remember 1-57505-475-2 2001
Tunnels Go Underground 1-57505-429-9 2001
Homes Keep Us Warm 1-57505-430-2 2001
Get Around on Water 1-57505-309-8 2000
Get Around in Air and Space 1-57505-310-1 2000
Get Around in the Country 1-57505-308-X 1999
Get Around with Cargo 1-57505-311-X 1999
Get Around for Fun 1-57505-312-8 1999
Get Around in the City 1-57505-307-1 1999
Schools Help Us Learn 1-57505-092-7 1998
Farms Feed the World 1-57505-075-7 1998
Libraries Take Us Far 1-57505-072-2 1998
Parks Are to Share 1-57505-068-4 1997
Towers Reach High 1-57505-036-6 1997
Bridges Connect 1-57505-021-8 1997
Roads Take Us Home 1-57505-022-6 1997
Dams Give Us Power 1-57505-023-4 1997
Canals Are Water Roads 1-57505-024-2 1997


Telephone: (630) 323-5578
Address: Clarendon Hills, IL

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