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Judith Fradin

The author of dozens of children's and YA non-fiction books, Judy Fradin has three books published in 2011-2012.   They include TORNADO! (National Geographic Kids), STOLEN INTO SLAVERY  (National Geographic Kids) and ZORA! (to be isued by Clarion in August 2012).  A fourth, THE PRICE OF FREEDOM (Walker), currently in production, is illustrated by Belpre award winner Eric Velasquez.

Judy has co-authored these books with her husband, the prolific children's writer Dennis Fradin.  She has stunning slide shows for each of their WITNESS TO DISASTER books (HURRICANES, VOLCANOES, DROUGHTS,EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS and, of course, TORNADO! as well as for 5,000 MILES TO FREEDOM, STOLEN INTO SLAVERY, and WHO WAS SACAGAWEA?  A number of Fradin books have also been translated into Spanish, including QUIEN FUE SACAGAWEA? QUIEN FUE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN? and QUIEN FUE TOMAS JEFFERSON?

Judy Fradin is a passionate cheerleader for non-fiction.   Her presentations run between 45 minutes and one hour each.  Her fee for Chicago-area school and library visits is $250 per session with a minimum of two sessions.  For visits requiring an overnight stay (or two), please add travel and hotel expenses as well.


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