Autumn 2009from the editor

SCBWI-Illinois Academy

School’s in! Please find your class schedule below. Note: Classes never fill up at SCBWI-Illinois Academy, none are offered at 8 a.m. (unless you want them to be), they are free, and everyone gets As. Enjoy!

Heather Banks


Greeting and Orientation: Alice McGinty, Lisa Bierman, and Sara Shacter introduce themselves to new and returning students.

Illustrator in the Spotlight: Star student Andrew Day describes the journey to illustrating his first book.
Tales from the Front: Star student Susan Fine tells how she crossed the finish line for her YA novel.
Season’s Crop: It’s our honor roll, compiled by Bev Patt and Ruth Spiro.

Classes: SCBWI-Illinois Academy isn’t enough? June Sengpiehl lists classes, conferences, and MFA programs here.
News Roundup: Tabitha Olson keeps you informed on everything outside school, including events, contests, and awards.
Food for Thought: Sallie Wolf has planned an event with Scholastic Book Fairs that is sure to be better than cafeteria food!
Don’t Miss: Check out these extracurriculars: the Speakers Directory, organized by Lorijo Metz, and our 5th Prairie Writer’s Day.

Writing Tips: As Carmela Martino gains the title of professor emerita, she shares with us her favorite writing resources.
Critique Group Tips: Because our peers can teach us as much as anyone, Meg Fleming Lentz shares critique group tips she learned at SCBWI’s L.A. Conference.
Illustrator Tips: Kathleen Rietz helps us prepare for the “real world” by describing her experience with an agent.
Writer’s Bookshelf: Jenny Meyerhoff reviews Book in a Month to help us with those novel-writing cram sessions.
Book Look: Studying The Wednesday Wars alongside Brenda Ferber is as good as a hands-on internship.

The Irrepressible Writer: Carol Grannick, our resident counselor, reminds us to be open to the benefits of surprise—and surprises us with a new name for her column!
• Promote That Book! Cynthea Liu suggests how much social marketing we need to, got to, and have to do.
Kidlitosphere: Use the first SCBWI-Illinois blogroll, compiled by Dawn Malone, to connect with—and learn from—one another.
Booksellers’ Perspective: Take a field trip to Eileen Fesco’s Book Mouse bookstore, where you will discover which books sell and why.
A Fly on the Wall: It’s almost like cheating…Juliet C. Bond gives a glimpse of ALA to those who couldn’t be there.
Someone You Should Know: Sara Grant, of Working Partners, hosts our own private job fair with a ghostwriting opportunity.
Op/Ed Commencement Address: Honorary SCBWI-Illinois degree holders Carol Brendler and Keith McGowan discuss their experiences as writers abroad with debut books.

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