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Patricia Rae Wolff:  A NEW IMPROVED SANTA

Writing is FUN! That's what Pat Wolff tells children in school visits (and adults in her writing-for-children workshops). She then suggests ways to make their writing better, easier, AND more enjoyable.

Writing and reading are two sides of the same entity -- the story. Pat explains how to evaluate and write what their readers (teacher, parent, friend, relative, state testing evaluator) want or need to read.

Her school presentations are flexible. She seeks input from the teachers before her presentations, so each session is different and can be a foundation for the teachers to build on.

Her interactive school presentations, using overheads and visuals, are divided into age-levels:

For the youngest children who do not yet write, she concentrates on developing the imagination to make up stories -- the first step in writing.

For the children just learning to write, she adds simple techniques to take ideas and make them into stories.

For the children who are already writing, she presents the concepts of structure, characterization, and word choice to improve their writing.

She also does an interactive and fun writing workshop where individual classes of students learn writing principles through planning a magazine issue that would appeal to their peers.

In her adult writing workshops, she shares her knowledge acquired in the Vermont College MFA Writing for Children program, and her experience as an instructor for the Writer's Digest On-line Workshops, along with what she's learned through publishing her award-winning picture books and over a dozen magazine stories (both adult and children's)

Pat has also given several Teachers In-Service Day presentations, where she shows teachers how to teach writing in a way students can enjoy the creative writing process, yet understand and meet the state guidelines.

Other presentations include: Title I programs, PTA programs, Library programs.

Honorarium is flexible, dependent on the number and type of presentations chosen. Full-day (six sessions) averages $650, plus travel expenses.

For references and more information, see her website at or contact her at (630) 833-8100 or .

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