tophat Bob Raczka

Speaker: Bob Raczka writes picture books about art for children. He thinks art is cool and fun and interesting and he wants kids to feel the same way.

Location: Bob lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois (west suburban Chicago) with his wife, Amy, and their three masterpieces (Robert, Carl and Emma).
Published Titles:

No One Saw: Ordinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist Millbrook Press, 2002) Art Is . . . (Millbrook Press, 2003) More Than Meets the Eye: Seeing Art with All Five Senses (Millbrook Press, 2003)

Upcoming Titles:

Unlikely Pairs: Fun with Famous Works of Art (Millbrook Press, 2004) Here's Looking at Me: How Artists See Themselves (Millbrook Press, 2004) Grades: K-6

Talk Topics:

"Being yourself in art" (No One Saw) "What is art, exactly?" (Art Is . . . ) "Ways to look at art" (More Than Meets the Eye) Fee: $200 per classroom session (negotiable)

Contact Information:

Telephone: (630) 790-4057

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